Natural Filler (TPT)

Natural Filler (Sodium (Na2So4) and Talc Based)

Shri Ambica Polyfill have introduced natural filler for natural & color weaving tapes, blown film, cast films, injection and blow molding products to impart dimensional stability and reduce cost. Ultrafine Sodium/talc is used with carrier resin & additives to impart flexibility with improved impact strength. It manufactures Natural Filler, using micro particles of natural, surface-coated, fine and easy to disperse natural-hydrated magnesium silicate talc mineral with special dispersion additives and carrier resins.

Sodium/Talc base filler are specially produced for PP /HDPE woven fabrics and sacks, LDPE/LLDPE/PP lamination & many other applications.

Advantages of Sodium/Talc based Filler
  • Improves natural clarity
  • Stabilizes colour concentration with colour master batches
  • Increases output by improving bonding
  • Improves consistency in flow rate
  • Improves thermal stability
  • Improves mechanical and physical properties
  • Improves winding of laminated fabrics
  • Reduces wear & tear of screw, barrel and die
  • Provides stiffness to the end product
  • Improves anti-slip property
  • An effective Anti-Blocking Agent