Exposure to sunlight and some artificial lights can have adverse effects on the useful life of plastic products. UV radiation can break down the chemical bonds in a polymer. This process is called photodegradation. It ultimately causes cracking, chalking, color changes and the loss of physical properties. To counteract the damaging effect of UV light, UV stabilizers are used to solve the degradation problems associated with exposure to sunlight. UV stabilizers can be categorized by two general classifications – ultraviolet light absorber (UVA) and hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS).

HALS are extremely efficient stabilizers against light- induced degradation of most polymers. They do not absorb UV radiation, but act to inhibit degradation of the polymer. Significant levels of stabilization are achieved at relatively low concentrations.

UV Masterbatch is available with concentration from 10% to 20% using high quality of HALS which helps to protect the polymers against UV Degradation and strength the production level.

the expertise developed by Sumiran in this field allows us to provide you Taylor-made and Cost Effective Masterbatch Solutions to your particular needs.

  • Agriculture green house film, fibc bags, moulded crates, drums,garbage cans, garden furniture, outdoor articles etc.
  • Tarpaulin, roto moulded water tank
  • Shade net
  • Woven sacks, hdpe/pp raffia tapes, ldpe/lldpe/pp lamination